Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Chaos Dwarf Bull Centaur 2 - More Green stuff details

Added rims and ornaments to the helmet and made belt buckle with skull.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Chaos Dwarf Bull Centaur 2 - Milliput and Green stuff

Continued with green stuff, built in three separate stages, allowing the previous layer to dry and harden before moving forward.

Started the sculpting with Milliput Superfine White, it gives hard base to drill parts on, but bit of struggle to make it stick to the plain wire.

Chaos Dwarf Bull Centaur 2 - Basic shape

Pin as the big hat and some insulation foam for the bulk of the torso.

Some wire to help support the chaos dwarf bit.

This is the nice part of working with soft plastics - very easy to drill even on thin parts like the legs.

The head is saved for later - the team is still missing its minotaur... But that is another story.

The red eyes still flaming on...

Chaos Dwarf Bull Centaur 2 - Start

Okay, it looks kinda warped right now, but the legs fit on the base and its a only a starting point for the build.

Barbecue it is then! The intoxicating fumes of melting plastic reminded me of childhood sessions of taking the magnifying glass and some toy soldiers to the bright spring sun... Some good memories of Matchbox commandos with extra arms and two heads.

Some prime ribs for the banquet in Hashuts glory.

Team needs another Bull Centaur - so this plastic bull was found just in time. The problem being that the figure is little big to fit on the small slotta base. As a fan of the good old astrogranite field I want all of my players to fit the little squares nicely. Something got to give in order to get the legs closer to each other.