Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Gamorrean Guard - Painting and Playing

Gamorrean Guard and Hulk are the last line of defence before the Emperors goal. But is it maybe safer to let the Wookie win...

One point of articulation, but still cant reach it!

Why the big hole in the front you ask - attaching the Guard to the game table.

Some dry brushing highlights.

Ink wash on the green stuff surface.

Some old Citadel colors (and some ancient ones) +Vallejo cold grey +Cadmium yellow =Gamorrean skin tone.

Gamorrean Guard - Legs

Sculpting done.

Same material is used to fill the gap on back.

Following the same color logic: Terracotta Milliput for pants.

Some final sculpting with blade.

When Green stuff is sculpted with fingers it makes nice skin texture almost automatically - and green being the skin color of the guard its perfect material for the top layer.

White Superfine Milliput to build the legs - knowing that the football is gonna take heavy toll on these lower parts - it is nice to have the final color on the socks so tear and wear dont look so bad.

Gamorrean Guard - Head on

Greenstuff - Gamorrean Guard with ducktail... well maybe not.

Uhu super glue to keep the hogs head on.

Head is pinned to the soccer figure with double wire.

Keep those metal hips swingin! The big metal screw and wire helps to keep the balance on the lower half.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Gamorrean Guard - Building

The basic body parts build up this huge hull of space big. Head and hands sold separately.

Parts before assembly - the Kenner figure legs are saved in the bits box for future projects. Left hand is pinned in place with wire, the right hand moves - so this is first modified Star wars figure with ONE point of articulation!

The back piece was too long to fit the soccer player figure, so I ended up cuting it to three smaller ones.