Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Dungeon Bowl match report - random fun for three teams

After a long break with Dungeon Bowl we made a variation of the tried and true set up: big central chamber with symmetric starting positions. With three players the positions are randomized - there is some advantage to start with empty endzone opposite to you. As usual we used dungeon floor plan bits from the Descent board game by Fantasy Flight.

The teams were Skaven, Goblin and a new Chaos Pact team roster. With these teams - there were a lot of big guys: Skaven Rat Ogre, Goblins had three Trolls and Pact was fielding both a Minotaur and a Troll. But what is a dungeon without monsters?!

The game started with Chaos Pact and they made "blind blitz" thru the teleports: Minotaur crashed the Skaven party!

Within the first three turns there were two deaths: Skaven started to flee their Minotaur ridden starting location thru teleports... And unlucky Gutter Runner teleported right to the loving arms of Team Goblins Troll. Once again dungeons proved to be a pretty dangerous place. Blood was everywhere and team Skaven suffered four (4!) casualtys altogether: two deaths, Rat Ogre with Fractured Leg (missing next game) and one badly hurt Linerat. When two rats were lost in the limbo of the dysfunctional teleports only three rats were in the play when the match ended.

Oh, but there was a ball in the play too... That was found from the first treasure chest by the lucky Chaos Pact team. And what kind of a ball: house rule of Scarab ball. Here are our house rules to open a chest. This table is used until the ball is found. After that the changes to get money bags is increased, and there are Summon Runes that can bring new npc monsters to the board, etc.

This idea of a moving ball serves a twofold purpose: first, it rises the interest of coaches not currently moving miniatures - even if your turn is jet to come the ball might come crawling your way. Secondly it can help to break a gridlock where many players are next to the ball and their zones make picking up the ball very hard. This time the game was so brutal in removing players that the number of zones was not a problem.

Chaos Pact had the ball first in their hands, but it was knocked to the floor by the Skaven. As mentioned above, the skaven lines were thin by this late in the game and were desperately trying to reach the Endzone before the players vanished altogether. Here seen are two rats planing a dash thru the Goblin defenses - two Trolls stand in their path. Hired gun Ripper closer to the ball and and another Troll in the background.

They used their cunning ways to slip past the big guys - Linerat (#10) had a Magic Item card of Beguiling Bracers found in treasure chest, waving these in front of the Ripper made him dazzled by their beauty (lost zones). Gutter Runner slipped thru and saved the day for the badly beaten team Skaven.

Post-match sequence gave a consolation prize for the Chaos Pact team: +1 AG for the Dark Elf - so that is going to be someone to watch for in the future games.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

WM Miniatures Chaos Team Minotaur - Painting

Took part in Willy Miniatures crowd funding campaign for new Chaos Team miniatures.

Have been painting the minotaur figure, major colors done but still work in progress.

Here with just the undercoating done.

Base is done from bottle cap and extra texture on base and head is Milliput Terracotta.