Monday, April 23, 2012

Mordheim rules mod Coreheim

Started new miniature project: Night Goblin warband for Mordheim. Using the new rules modification called Coreheim .

Friday, April 13, 2012

Bossk - Ready

The position on the foosball table for Bossk: the right side of the defense.

This the part where the damage from the ball lands mostly - the paint job on the legs is gonna be ruined soon enough...

Bossk - Sculpt

After the Milliput was dry: added the lizard skin parts with Green Stuff and fastened the model sprue bits with wire that goes thru the legs.

Basic sculpt with Milliput Superfine White, with some added details from left over model kit sprue.

Bossk - Basic build

Old Kenner figure for comparison - the new head a bit more sinister. The color range is also somewhat limited with this 1980s figure.
Head on some shoulders glued in with four wire pins.

The pilot pants have these strips that give better balance and strength with wire build into them.

Bossk - Start

Another Galactic Heroes figure goes under the knife. Bossk figure even had one point of articulation on the left hand: the weapon moves from shoulder joint.