Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Han Solo Hoth - Start

Sawing and drilling the original head out of the way.
The big Pez heads were bit out of scale, and while these Galactic Heroes figures are quite small in stature, but heads seemed to fit foosball figures pretty ok.
Harvesting parts was easy because of the soft plastic they make the Galactic Heroes out of. Scalpel cuts the stuff really smoothly and I think the damage caused by the ball is somewhat absorbed by the rubbery material.
Here we go - after a loooong break back on foosball figure building. Finding a used table in flea market ment that I could get more spare parts for the Star Wars themed custom table that has been out of service for a while. Another issue was that Star Wars Pez heads lineup has been used up and I was looking for different toy manufacturer. I found these Hasbro’s Galactic Heroes figures had somewhat similar, bit "funny" approach to the Star Wars world.

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