Thursday, January 24, 2013

Stone Blood Bowl Pitch

Stone pitch for Blood Bowl has finally arrived!

Really heavy stuff, the sturdiest tabletop board I have ever seen. Comes in two parts, with dugout info on the side. Line of scrimmage is elevated and endzones have a bit longer squares.

First match on the stone stadium is fought between Dark Elf team and Skaven ratboys. Elfs have the home team advantage with 13 k fans, Skaven have 10 k supporters. First kick-off lets the Ratboys have an extra turn with Blitz! but the little finks can't manage to get more than push-back of the elf line.

Skaven defense is not the toughest in BB, but with a help of Stolen Playbook card and one lucky intercept they manage to postpone the inevitable. On the turn four Dark elfs score the first touchdown of the new stadium. Home crowd gets wild and wants to see more.

Teams get ready for the second kick-off and Skaven score fast two turn touchdown with duo of Gutter Runners on the front line. End of the first period sees skaven defense getting thinner: unlucky fouling (snake eyes) leaves the rats three players short.

Even more skaven leave the stone field by getting beaten up by the angry home crowd full of blood lust elfs. Dwarf referee can't do little more than count the bodies. Elfs stall the game with cage near the end zone. Just when the Rat Ogre muscle is needed - he gets the Wild Animal fit... Elfs score the 2-1 TD on turn 14. So, skaven got the two turns left to make it even. Some bad rolling and too thin lines end the game with third Dark Elf touchdown on last turn. So it goes, 3-1 TDs and 2-0 casualtys for the elfs leave no room for explanations. Great new stone stadium had it first game, looking forward to many more.


  1. Looks really cool - where did you have it made?
    Is there numbers engraved for score/reroll/etc.?

  2. The board sure looks fine - gaming buddy of mine had it made in stone cutting factory. Still a work in progress and a prototype of sorts, no engraved numbers but planing to paint those in the drilled holes.

  3. Very nice, though engraved numbers would be hella sweet.