Sunday, March 31, 2013

Jingle Bowls Blood Bowl Cup Recap

Had this Jingle Bowls Blood Bowl Cup running for a few months now. There has been six teams taking part:

1. FC East City Giants XII (Lizardmen)
2. Kallio Noble Killers (High Elf)
3. Intergalactic Offspring (Slann)
4. Red Anvils (Chaos Dwarfs)
5. K-Orcs (Orcs)
6. Turska Pojkar (Norse)

Finally starting to get all regular-season matches done - there is only one game left. Best four teams get to the semi-finals, matchups arranged so that team to win the regular-season meets the fourth team and 2nd and 3rd battle it out also. Then the winners of these matches meet in the actual final and losers play for the bronze medal in 2nd final of the cup.

Cup standings and some statistics before the last game:

There are still some stats missing, but the standings are correct although some minor details like number of fans attending (Gate) and Winnings info is still to reach the cup organization headquarters.
The last game of the regular-season is fought between High Elfs and K-Orcs. The season almost done but there is still room for some speculation. If the Green Skins manage a win they get to the semis, with a tie result they are out of the finals with 5 points. If the team value and experience of the coach give the expected result - and High Elfs win the last game they also win the whole regular-season with 11 points. So there is a lot of excitement in the spring air, who are going to play in the finals...

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