Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Necromantic Blood Bowl team - Start of the Build

Starting a new league and using freshly build Necromantic team. Named "Lokapojat" (translation: dirty boys), after Finnish company that does waste management by dumping used fat from restaurants to the sever system... Very illegal and free of any moral inhibitions. Perfect mind set for Blood Bowl team also.

Didn't have any Necro BB miniatures, so had to dig deep into the past... All the way to the first edition of the Blood Bowl and it's only expansion set Death Zone. There was some illustrated cardboard pieces with undead players, Zombies and Ghouls. You have to start somewhere, right?

After first pre-season game against newbie Dwarf them, the roster has 13 players, most of them Zombies.

After 3-0 win I had my hopes up with this team and started to look for miniatures to represent my players. Ended up building them mostly from GWs Vampire Counts line. Zombie Regiment boxed set and blister of Spirit Host figures, to be more exact.

Really like these Zombie sculpts, think they have a lot of potential. Plastic is easy to assemble and separate leg and arm bits give variation to the setup and poses. Zombie Regiment sprue had also gravestones that would make nice turn and re-roll markers.

I think this guy with almost skeleton like appearance was supposed to hang from the regiment standard, but decided to give him legs and arms to move around the pitch. Used green stuff to add some details, knee pads and shoulder guards mostly.

The Zombie boys are still work in progress, but had painted some skin tones and spashed on Hashut Copper for the armor bits.

Spirit Host figures are used as Ghouls, dressed only in robes they relate the low AV of 7 and if these poses don't say "Dodge", I don't know what does.

First painted black and the drybrushed with grey - quick'n'dirty - still WIP but getting there.


  1. Necro is a fun team for theme. I think those spirits make great ghouls

    1. I have been inspired by the Necro build - positionals are so different: from fast but fragile Ghouls to slow, hard hitting Flesh Golems. Thinking of using Lotr Uruk-hai miniatures as Wights.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks - Zombies are now done but still looking for good Werewolf miniatures.