Friday, July 29, 2011

Blood Bowl Match Report

After the long summer break the Blood Bowl season is finally starting!

Played two games against the new Norse team (seen in all black undercoat jerseys), first with Chaos Dwarfs and then with my old Wicked Willows Dark Elf team.

Cage is tightly packed and Bull Centaurs are leading the attack from the front.

Damn those double skulls! They made me lose this match to the all black Norse team 1-2.

My Chaos Dwarf team history in the making: First touchdown with basic roster lineup!
Minotaur (miniature courtesy of Jani, thanks) has pounded all Norse opposition to the ground and Bull Centaur acts as fail-safe. Hobgoblins finally manage to throw and catch without messing it up. Most Valuable Player Award went to the scoring hobgoblin, so he is the first of the green skins to level up. In the previous games playing as team value underdog gave me inducement money to hire star players and they made all the goals.

The second match gave huge inducement payoffs to the Norse team, and here the hired gun Icepelt Hammerblow meets head on with Dark Elf lines lead by the Kruellagh Witch elf. This game saw many fast two turn goals: the game was 2-2 after the first period, both teams scoring in rapid succession.

In the final turn of the second half Dark elf Runner only had to make one extra Go For It square to score the winning touchdown... but the dice gave the infamous number 1 and Wicked Willows fans had to settle for the close call tie 3-3. All in all, the last game was great fast paced fun - and it could have gone for either of the teams.

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