Sunday, August 7, 2011

Chaos Dwarfs Vs. Orcs Match Report

Heated battle between Red Anvils (Chaos Dwarfs) and Terveet Kädet (Orcs) started with unusual Weather roll:

This meant that both teams had to manage the game with less than 11 players on the pitch from time to time.

Rubber band trousers do not count as Secret Weapon do they? The ball landing on the middle line doesn't allow cage forming so huge pile up of players starts. First half was without touchdowns -but Anvils Minotaur killed Lineman Orc right after the first kick-off. Later the same Minotaur made one of the Goblins bleed too, making him the hardest hitter under the blistering sun.

Strange things keep happening: the attack is lead by solitary Dwarf Blocker - and not for very long I can tell you. Guess this wasn't the real offence but a way to postpone the Orcs forward momentum. Tunnel dwelling dwarfs really felt the suns evil rays: defense lines were full of holes. Orcs made the first goal in 6th turn of the second period, leaving Anvils only two turns to return the fire.

Whooaaaa! Making it even in the last round, hobgoblins seem to keep up their sunny side. Dwarf Blocker with Guard skill actually made this break thru of Orc lines possible. MVP went to the Minotaur - making it the first player to reach Veteran status in experience. Turned down the AG increase in favor of Guard skill - this Big Guy is definitely a keeper.

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