Thursday, August 11, 2011

Blood Bowl Match Report: Red Anvils - IK Turska Pojkar

These cards really bring more variation and even some kind of story to the game, making each of them unique. The usual strategies go out the window when there are two balls on the pitch at the same time.

First rush towards the twin balls.

Alas, the damned ball was a hoax! Viking boys are first on the touchdown line - but also first to be disappointed. This magic trickery was too much for the Norse sense of humor. Anvils score at the later part of the second period, after knocking the living daylights out of the opposition.

Anvils cage hold its form till the end, the second period was kind of slow grind to the finish, but win is always a win. Game ends 1-0 for the Chaos Dwarfs even with four players driven off the pitch because of fouling. But I kept rolling doubles with leveling too: Hobgoblin number 10 has now Dodge skill - rare feat with this lot.

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