Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Minotaur - Sculpting

After White Milliput was fully set, I made some fur textures and armor details with Green stuff.

Allowed the brown Milliput to dry, then continued with Superfine White. Also pinned some extra plastic spikes to the shoulder pad and the anvil. Used the same arrow form in headgear armor that used in making of Bull Centaurs.

Started the sculpt with some Milliput Terracotta. Secured the wire to base with the same stuff.

One of the early ideas was making the helmet look like team symbol Red Anvil. Here the basic anvil form is seen next to the orc: piece of insulation foam glued to the top of the head.

Pinned the orc head with wire - later adding there some vertebrae still hanging from the neck.

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