Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Blood Bowl Match Report: Norse vs. Chaos Dwarfs

Setup for the first Kick-off. The heat is on: making passing game a bit harder. Norse defense starts low - and Chaos Dwarfs in their trademark "The Bloody Wedge" attack formation. Bulls lead the way and others try to keep up. The House rule has been for awhile: free 50k cards drawn at random for both periods. Dwarfs got "Johnny Waterboy" that boost the KO'd return rate to 3+. The new dugout - seen on the right - holds the card nicely too. Both teams are around 1.600.000 in team value, and seen few advances thru the roster. Fans amass behind the Dwarfs: 16k loyal supporters gains the +1 Fame for the Red Anvils. The Wedge cracks under huge Norse opposition: Dwarfs loose the ball for Werewolfs blitz. Silvery beast carries the pink glitter ball for awhile. Bulls, hobgoblins and dwarfs seen on the ground. Soon after this the Norse runner makes the first touchdown. First period ends with Norse lead 1-0. Second period starts with Norse attack: but it is stopped in midfield after some blocks. Hobgoblin is cheering from the dungeons - fouling has its cost. And then the blood letting starts: Minotaur kills the Norse Werewolf with AV boost of 9 -> huge blow to team Norske Pojkar. And adding insult to injury: Dwarfs get illegal substitute of extra hobgoblin (number 11 on the pic) making the head count to 12 players against ten Norse players. Uneven odds start to show and Bullcentaur moves forward with relative ease. Settling for a 1-1 tie: the dwarfs hold the ball next to the Norse endzone for extra turn making the Norse team desperate. After the 15th turn kick-off Yeti revenges the Werewolf by killing newbie hobgoblin on the line of scrimmage. All in all very bloody match: 2 kills and one broken neck of Dwarf blocker - the sum would have been even worse without apothecary actions that saved the life of Norse lineman. After the game touchdown scoring Bullcentaur is awarded the MVP and levels up: new skill being the Grab.

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