Thursday, August 30, 2012

Chaos Dwarf Blocker - Mutation Magnet Hand

New hand painted with first ink washes. Hand detached from the body. Some Green stuff modification of the hand - bigger the Claw the better. 2mm drill gave the perfect fit for magnets. Old hand and new Dark Eldar claw hand seen next to the base. These strong little magnets came in handy. The smaller ones are only 2mm in diameter. Got these from nice shop with fast delivery Gaussboys. Finally my first Chaos Dwarf Blocker rolled doubles on the advance chart - this meant access to mutation skills. Choose the Claw skill to boost the bashing effect of the team. Wanted the miniature to show his new ability, but with a option to "normalize" it in case of a casualty... But the first thing was to saw the old hand of.

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