Monday, September 3, 2012

Dungeonbowl revisited

Had few more Dungeonbowl games. One with three players (image of dungeon setup above) went quickly and nicely: ball was in the second treasure chest and High Elfs were fast enough to score after the humans fumbled with the ball... The layout had two alternate routes to each Endzone and 8 Teleports instead on the usual 6.

After this we tried the game with five coaches going at it in the same dungeon, this made the game slow and too random. Plus we played for 16 turns without a touchdown. So, to counter this started to think about some new House rules, namely Sudden Death Table.
More rules and modifications on the works. Mainly to provide more variation and balance to the game when played with regular Blood Bowl team rosters, instead the Colleges of Magic team lists within the original rules.

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