Thursday, September 27, 2012

Dungeonbowl - Sudden Death update

Three player Dungeonbowl match: starting from lower left corner - Red Anvils (Chaos Dwarf), upper left - Turska Pojkar (Norse) and from top right - FC Vislanders XII (Lizardmen). Norse team has the highest rating 1.830.000 gp - giving reroll inducement for Dwarfs and two star players for Lizards: Morg'n'Thorg and Hemlock. And rarely it is seen that Side Step skill can be used to cause this much Turn Overs and even Casualtys...

Layout had 8 teleports, half of them in the central cave. Here situation seen mid game where Norse Yhetee is camping on Teleport 4, looking for new victims after killing one of the Saurus Lizards. Game spilled some Hobgoblin blood too, when the misdirected revenge of the Vislanders fell hard on the greenskins. Apothecary saved the life of Hobbo nro 10 with Dodge skill - nice move since the same Goblin got MVP and second skill upgrade.

This from the first Lizard rush to the Endzone - Alien figure representing Hemlock, and red Descent beastmen as Saurus figure stand-ins.

All three hobbos ended in the Injured box, and Frenzy Chaos Dwarf Blocker was lost in the void when Teleport misfired the poor bastard out of the game. Almost half of the team gone and Minotaur being the useless Wild Animal as usual rolling on the dungeon floor, Red Anvils Bull Centaurs had the all the responsibility of scoring. They failed miserably.
Every team had a chance to score, here Norse offense runs into trouble when Morg'n'Thorg and Hemlock attack from the behind and Minotaur blocks the way ahead. Finally on the turn 21 (!) Hemlock makes the touchdown and makes the new Lizard teams first win a reality.

Epilogue - Lessons learned
The game went on and on - the Sudden Death rules were in action but they failed in the regard that the Spiked Ball was hard to the touch - leaving the ball usually on the floor and not in possession of any team. It was agreed that new addition to the rules should read: "From the start of the 16. turn for the remainder of the game - Touchdown can be scored on any Endzone on the board, not just the oposite Enzone from the teams starting location." And in addition the rules should be rewritten so that they have some effect even when the ball is not carried by a player.

Few things to bear in mind when deciding where to put those teleport pads. Connectivity : Putting teleports to those hard to reach dungeon dead ends is a good idea: now those parts of the cave design got more traffic and action.
Opportunity attack : Placing Teleport next to walls is usually a good idea - this makes camping at them not so tempting.

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