Thursday, November 15, 2012

Lizardmen Blood Bowl team - progress report

Taking the weapon off - and smoothing the cast imperfections.

The start of the Saurus players: bitbox full of Warhammer leftover plastics. Shields and weapons are not needed - detached right hand gives some much needed variation.


  1. love that greenstuff. guessing this will be a very cheap team to build ($$ wise, not time wise)

    1. Thanks - more Saurus greenstuff mods coming right up. And you are right: the Saurus plastics were pretty cheap, about 1 euro for model... But it takes awhile to get rid off weapons and build the greenstuff things.

  2. Nice Saurus conversion!
    Looking forward to see a few more!

    BTW do you intend to use skinks from the same edition?

  3. Thank you - and yes, I'm doing some plastic skink conversions too from the Warhammer Battle miniatures.