Monday, September 17, 2012

Blood Bowl Match Report: Red Anvils vs. FC Vislanders XII

It is the start of a new era: Chaos Dwarf team Red Anvils has opened Blood Bowl home stadium!

This playing field has been on the works for quite a while, it's a two part construction, first there was the Dugout and then the pitch itself.

The first visitor to the new dwarf stadium was FC Vislanders XII Lizardman team. This starting team had full six Saurus lizards and Kroxigor on the roster. With inducements they bought the services of Slibli - the infamous star player of the reptile folk - for this game.

The Hashut blessed the first game with huge blizzard - Sure Feet skill on the Bull centaurs would come in handy.

Red Anvils started with usual left hook wedge formation, but the dwarfs soon found out the hard way that even newbie Lizard team can play some mean ball with all those ST 4 guys...

Only the strong pills of the apothecary saved Minotaur from death after being fouled by Saurus gang. Soon after that the hired gun Slibli killed the most experienced hobgoblin: Xobt Evilstench, number 9 in midfield. The fast scoring greenskin will be missed - but maybe this was the blood baptism needed for the new pitch.
The game was just bashing all thru first half - no touchdowns but lot of casualtys. On the second half Lizards started to form the cage around the only surviving Skink with the ball - but it was busted by Bull centaur blitz.
After the Minotaur was saved by the apothecary the Anvils Injured box was kept clean - dead hobgoblin slave was buried where he fell, under the stone slabs of midfield.
On the 15th turn the Red Anvils hobbo number 10 made the matches only touchdown, winning the game for the dwarfs. MVP went to the Claw mutation Blocker (nro 3), he sure revenged the hell out of Lizards.

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