Thursday, September 13, 2012

Warhammer Saurus to BB Kroxigor

Closeup of the skull detail.

Green stuff sculpt of the left hand and skull detail on the base.
First a layer of Milliput Terracotta to the hand and base.
The modified right hand is glued in place and pinned with the same metal wire that servers as skeleton for the left hand sculpt.
Copper base, magnet and head attached. Had the idea of putting magnet to the base - with that could attach the metal Bone-head marker to the figure, when it looses Tackle Zones it's easy to forget. Starting ideas: something to stand as Lizardman and Slann big guy - Kroxigor. Have noted that too large Big Guy models just take up too much space on the pitch, especially when prone. So, this time around Saurus Lord could do the trick just nicely. Loose the weapon from the right and make new left hand from scratch cos removing the shield would be too cumbersome.

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