Friday, July 12, 2013

Blood Bowl Cup Semifinal Recap:
Red Anvils vs. East City Giants XII

Semifinals saw two very different matchups:

The "Bashing" Semifinal
Red Anvils (Chaos Dwarf) - FC East City Giants XII (Lizard)

The "Running, jumping and passing" Semifinal
Kallio Noble Killers (High Elf) - Intergalactic Offspring (Slann)

Winners of these games go to the final and reach for the Cup Trophy, losers meet in the Bronze game.

The "Bashing" Semifinal RECAP
Over thirty thousand somewhat Rowdy Fans (Special Play Card for Chaos Dwarfs) were in the audience for this Semifinal. (15k Dwarf fans and 16k Lizard supporters giving +1 Fame for the East City Giants.) A lot of bloodletting was expected from this hard hitting match up, but regular game time saw only two casualtys: one Skink from the Lizard team and one Hobgoblin was taken out of action. Lizards scored pretty fast on their third turn, and after that the Chaos Dwarf cage tried to break thru the defenses of Saurus blockers. Hobgoblin number 12 managed to to reach the endzone in turn 15. After 16 turns of pretty uneventful grinding the score was tied 1-1. After that the new Overtime House Rules were put into the action. So this recap mainly focuses on the events of the Overtime.

First kick-off table result gave the Lizards much needed re-roll, it would be the used right in the first turn, this Overtime saw a lot of ones rolled on the dice... Coin flip gave the ball to the team Lizard who setup in left side heavy attack formation. Kick was served to the right side and Skink fumbled the ball in the first pick up attempt: first roll 2, re-roll used: result 1 - turnover.

Chaos Dwarf Centaur tried to capitalize this error: but only to roll 1 on the first Go-For-It, re-roll 1 again... This would be the picture of the game: not so much who is the hero with nice rolls but everybody messing their rolls with double ones.

After some tossing and turning the Lizard cage finally starts to form. But there is some unusually blood thristy Hobgoblin around: number 9 manages to kill a Saurus on the midfield! And to add the insult to the injury: this Saurus has already leveld up with Block skill, apothecary opens his bag to save the day - but just speeds up the killing with wrong medicine.

On the next turn the same Hobgoblin Casualty rolls again, this time for Skink: Smashed Knee and Niggling Injury for the poor little guy. The Lizard team now two players short, leaves hole in the cage where Strip Ball Centaur manages to knock the ball from Skink.
Ball scatters for a bit - and now the odd six is rolled: Saurus ends up with the ball.

Saurus not knowing what to do with the ball runs away from the crowd: only to be knocked down. On the turn 5 of the overtime the ball changes hands to the Chaos Dwarf team: Hobgoblin number 10 picks it up from the midfield.

There is virtually no Lizard defense left: only one Skink stands between the endzone. Centaur needs one Go-For-It to make the blitz: well, you guessed it right, double ones again...

Lizards have one change to stop the hobgoblin on turn 7, but no luck: double skulls.

The last defense falls with "The Mad Hatter" Saurus failing the Go-For-It, number 10 hobgoblin is the star of this Semifinal scoring the 2-1 touchdown for the Red Anvils and sending the team for the final!


  1. Wow, that's my kind of dice rolling ;)

    1. Jep, Nuffle had a field day with this one! ;-)