Friday, July 12, 2013

Blood Bowl Cup Semifinals Overtime House Rules

During the regular season games can be finished with tied result, but now that Semifinals are (finally) played out we needed some rules about the Overtime. So, here follows our House Rules for Overtime play:


If score is even after regular 16 turns of game, Overtime is played. If the game is still tied after the 8 turns of overtime, Sudden Death overtime starts with Golden Goal rule.

Overtime is extra 8 turns of game, with regular setup, kick-off and scoring in place. In other words, it is like setting up for third period of game with following exceptions:

1. No re-roll regeneration
If teams have any re-rolls unused from the regular game they do carry to the overtime. Note: players with Leader skill do not generate re-rolls for the overtime.
Kick-off table results may increase the re-roll count as usual.
(Fluff: it is assumed that the break before the overtime is somewhat shorter than regular interval between periods. Gameplay function: More fails means faster turnovers.)

2. New Coin flip is made to see witch team kicks the ball
(It does not mater who made the last kick-off or touchdown on regular game time, new coin flip is made to determine who setups for defense.)

3. No new cards for the third period
Note to the House rule where it has been customary to draw one 50k Special Play Card for each period: no new cards for the overtime. If there are any Special Play Cards left from the regular game time (still unplayed in hand or played cards that have a effect for the whole game) they carry to the overtime.

If the score is still even after the overtime period, Sudden Death overtime starts. This means that a new setup is done, and new Coin-flip to determine the kicking team. All exceptions for the first overtime period apply here too. Sudden Death period is played till either team scores, thus winning the game and ending the overtime.

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