Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Necro team Flesh Golem mod from Nurgle Chaos Lord

Team Necros coffers are filled with enough gold to get the second Flesh Golem - and this bad boy might fit the bill just nicely.

Staring point - the Nurgle Chaos Lord miniature sprue. Really nice details and not this new Finecast bullshit, but good old grey plastic. No miscasts and parts fit snugly, good work all around.

The big axe just had to go - no weapons on the Blood Bowl pitch (well, just Secret Weapons anyway). The shoulder pad is very Blood Bowl oriented as is, and really like that corrosion look that fits the Necro team look well. All armor pieces have been underground for some time and are not shiny or new.

Model assembled without new hands. The original miniature had the axe handle buried deep in the belly of the beast, so without the weapon there was big opening in the flesh. Some Zombie gut from Vampire Counts Regiment box fit the hole nicely enough.

After the axe was removed the hands seemed to be -well- too tiny... So looked around the bit box and found these Ogre Kingdoms spare part hands laying around. These hands say 4 Strength.

There is notable tone difference in the plastics, but after some file and knife work they fit together as good as you might want things to fit on these Frankenstein monster inspired Flesh Golems.


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    1. Thanks mate!
      I think this miniature is citadel at its best - lot of potential for modifications and different versions.