Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Treeman conversion for Blood Bowl

Build a new custom Treeman miniature for Wood Elf team. Lip base with magnet to show extra skills like Guard.

Start of the build was cutting of right arm from this plastic D&D figure. Most of the Big Guy miniatures have the disadvantage of being somewhat top heavy and tend to fall down a lot unintentionally during the gameplay. With this light weight plastic core even quite tall Treeman stays upright.

Some wire for the hands skeleton structure, found Ogre Kingdoms loose head in the bit box and Secret Weapon resin base with with something that might transform itself to a tree stump.

Greenstuff rope to give better grip for Milliput arms and filled some holes with the same stuff. Added hair around the Ogre head and some extra beard to hide the wire attachment.

Terracotta Milliput arms in place and few ink washes with dark brown. The lip base is magnetized for marking extra skills and giving better balance for the miniature.

The same lip base can used for the Take Root alternative miniature to show when the Treeman is stationary.


  1. fantastic conversion mate - love it!

    1. Thanks for your kind words! This was nice detour from my ongoing team Necro conversion project.